OUR LIFE'S MISSION: At Life Food Box we compassionately advocate the amazing power of raw vegan foods, smoothies, and juices, and their ability to heal chronic ailments and restore a sense of vitality and energy. We believe in the simplistic originally natural full-body methods of true healing - by understanding the body as an interconnected system of functions and cells that thrive in harmony and synchronicity when consuming the proper energy in the form of food and lifestyle. We are a team comprised of Mehmet Ak, a Culinary Raw Vegan Chef, and Anett Z, a Certified Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration Practitioner/Specialist, as well as other helpers to bring you the best quality of life in a box delivery to your door (or picked-up by you). We have transformed our health positively with the raw food lifestyle, focused on detoxification and cellular regeneration, over the past many years and welcome you into experiencing it yourself. Years ago before stepping into this wellness journey we suffered from various chronic symptoms that did not begin to heal until we removed foods that create acidosis and brought in abundant colorful foods that create alkalinity and promote proper elimination within the body. With the right education, knowledge, tools, passion, and commitment to cleansing and regenerating our bodies it no doubt became our mission to help other's and the planet heal naturally with the power of raw foods, superfoods and herbal botanicals. So we have compassionately teamed up merging Mehmet's creative culinary and detoxification program skills with Anett's detoxification, consultation, and formulating personalized healing food and herbal protocol skills - to co-create a meal plan and detox program delivery service that prepares and provides various raw vegan meal plans and detox programs of your choosing as well as holistic health consultations based on your health assessment form on the 'Consultation' page of our website and the 1-hour phone health consultation. For each meal plan and detox program box we prepare nourishing, fresh, vibrant, life-enriching living food meal plans for your chosen duration which include juices, smoothies, soups, appetizers, and entrees created in our professional raw culinary kitchen at Zest Raw Vegan Eats. Always Fresh, Always Plant-Based/Vegan, Always Convenient, Always Nutrition Dense, Always Cleansing, Always Healing, Certified Organic. WHY RAW and WHY DOES IT WORK? Raw foods are packed with living enzymes, whole nutrition, electromagnetic energy, alkalinity, astringent detoxification and cleansing properties, and a wide range of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids all to support your body's systems and cellular function for vibrant healing and elimination of toxic waste including acids, heavy metals, mucous, pathogens, mucoid plaque, and synthetic chemicals. Decreasing/eliminating inflammation, swelling, pain, fatigue, poor circulation, neurological weakness, blood sugar problems, blood pressure problems, lymphatic stagnation, digestive issues, any unwanted weight, and much more. Holistically boosting the key elements of the body including kidney, endocrine gland, lymphatic, digestive, muscular/skeletal and circulatory functions of the body. Our meal plans are: Fully Raw, Plant-Based/Vegan, Gluten free and Grain Free, Dairy Free, Egg free, and Meat Free, Zero trans fat, Cholesterol free, Corn Free None GMO, Organic, Mostly local, Nutritionally Balanced, Fresh prepared meals daily. Colors: Vibrant, rainbow bright, earthy Density: High in cell supporting nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) and enzymes Aromas: Natural essence, sweet, zesty, savory Flavors: Complimentary, balanced, sweet, zesty/tangy, salty, spicy, sour Textures: Smooth, creamy, crunchy, grainy, enjoyable Temperature: Perfectly adjusted to your body and the season The healthiest and tastiest organic, fresh meals delivered to you or picked-up by you weekly. Our meal plans, juice cleanses, and herbal detox programs are created to optimize heart, brain, liver/pancreas, kidney, adrenal/endocrine gland, stomach/bowel, muscle, lymphatic, and immune function. Join the hundreds of thousands of people that have reclaimed their health physically, mentally and emotionally with the Earth's gifts of raw fruits, vegetables, herbs, and superfoods. Help support the wellness of your body, the planet, the animals, and the collective through learning about and incorporating more raw vegan foods into your lifestyle.

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TYPES OF MEAL PLANS AND DETOX PROGRAMS TO CHOOSE FROM: Standard Juice Cleanse Meal Plans, Standard Hybrid Juice and Solid Meal Plans, Standard Solid Food Meal Plans, and Superfood Nourishment Smoothie Meal Plans (your choice of 1-day, 3-day, or 6-day). As well as 5-Day Specific Health Goal Meal Plans and Detox Programs Including: ADRENAL RESTORED ENERGY DETOX PROGRAM, FRUITY LYMPHATIC AND KIDNEY DETOXIFICATION DETOX PROGRAM, HIGH MINERAL MUSCLE BUILDING DETOX PROGRAM, HEALTHY BLOOD AND CIRCULATION DETOX PROGRAM, and IMMUNE BOOSTER DETOX PROGRAM. Each of these programs is thoughtfully created with the specific ingredients, superfoods, and herbs naturapathically shown to support the listed health goals. You can read more about each specific plan/program on their individual pages. A 4-week or 2-Week Full Body Ejuva Herbal Detoxification Program Kit which includes all of the healing raw herbs in the kit, 4 or 2 weeks of unlimited raw food, juices and smoothies in-house from the Zest Raw Vegan Eats kitchen, a written detox protocol by one of our certified detoxification specialists, an invitation to be a part of our bi-weekly detox support groups, and email support when needed during the incredible life-changing cleansing process. Our holistic service is all about our mission to: Responsibly and professionally providing you with organic, alkaline, fresh, energizing, raw vegan juices, smoothies, soups, sides, and entree meal plans, as well as holistic health consultations, and personalized detoxification program protocols to help you take back control of your health and ability to enjoy life again. We have the determination to help cleanse and heal the ecosystems of the body in unison with the ecosystems of the planet in order to create a cleaner and more holistic environment to thrive internally and externally for all Life. Our unique service is founded by the original laws of nature; living in alignment and accordance to them, our biology, and our species specific diet in order to create a healthier reality. At Life Food Box we truly believe that every body deserves to feel what radiant health feels like with the help of living foods for Life.

HOW TO? Select your desired meal plan/detox program (on the home page or 'PLANS & PROGRAMS' tab), or get one recommended to you by our Practitioner along with a written personalized detoxification protocol specific to your health symptoms and health goals by filling out the health assessment form to request a consultation (under the 'CONSULTATIONS & PROTOCOLS' tab). There is also an option to choose a deeper cleansing program using an Ejuva herbal detoxification protocol which includes 2 or 4 weeks of colon/full-body cleansing herbs, a written detox guide, email support, unlimited raw meals in house, and zoom call support gatherings (this option can also be found under the 'PLANS & PROGRAMS' tab). With the purchase of every Life Food Box meal plan/detox program you will have an option to pick it up or have it delivered either in 3 or 6 days from the day purchased. Once your order goes through you will then receive an email to confirm your Life Food Box order along with a written meal plan detox program guide based on what is included in the Life Food Box you purchased. We will start preparing the food items in your chosen box with utmost attention and care and inform your when the order will be delivered or is ready for pick-up. You will also receive email support by our Certified Detoxification Practitioner when needed during the duration of your program. At Life Food Box we want to offer the inspiration and hope that nature's way has provided for us in order to help you become more energized, revitalized, refreshed, trim, and vibrant. Taking the delve into learning about and applying the raw food lifestyle for body, mind and spirit is a catalyst that truly focuses on wholism bringing together care for the body, planet, and society. Because we are so passionate to help people reach their incredible health and happiness potential we will also offer specials, discounts, and bundles throughout the year to help you include ample raw meals, smoothies and juices into your Life! Stay updated on our social media pages and website. We look forward to hearing from you and becoming a positive catalyst in your life!