COMMUNITY In the heart of our vibrant raw vegan community we are not just a team, but a family—each individual bound by a shared passion for the purity and vitality of uncooked, plant-based nutrition. This unique bond transcends the mere collaboration of like-minded people; it's a deep-rooted connection, forged from the understanding that together, we are pioneers in a movement towards a more conscious, healthful, and sustainable way of living. Our unity is our strength, guiding us as we explore the boundless possibilities of raw vegan cuisine, inspire each other to reach new heights of culinary creativity, and support one another in our journey towards wellness and environmental harmony. In this family, every meal is an act of love, every recipe a shared treasure, and every gathering a celebration of life's natural abundance.

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HISTORY Our history is a tale of transformation and enlightenment, beginning with the pivotal journey of our master chef, Mehmet Ak, back in 2005. It was then that Chef Ak embarked on a personal and professional odyssey, altering not just his cuisine, but his entire lifestyle. Through his dedication to a raw vegan diet, he experienced a profound change, shedding 100 pounds in just nine months. This remarkable transformation was not only physical but also philosophical, sparking a realization in Chef Ak that there was a whole new world of culinary possibilities to explore—ones that were both tantalizing to the taste buds and nutritionally rich. Chef Ak's passion for food and cooking dates back to his childhood, nurturing a deep connection with food from the tender age of seven. His extensive experience encompasses a thorough understanding of classic culinary techniques, which he has skillfully integrated with innovative raw vegan practices. This unique blend of traditional and modern approaches has become the cornerstone of our philosophy. At our core, we celebrate the art of preparing food that is as nourishing as it is delicious, rooted in Chef Ak's lifelong journey of learning and discovery. It's this rich tapestry of experience and innovation that we offer to those who study with us, inviting them into a world where food is not just sustenance, but a gateway to health, vitality, and unexplored culinary adventures.

MISSION Our mission is as clear as it is vital: to cultivate awareness and understanding of the raw vegan lifestyle, demonstrating that this path is not only immensely beneficial for health and well-being but also economically accessible. We strive to debunk the myth that eating raw and vegan is inherently costly or elitist. Our focus is on educating and inspiring individuals from all walks of life, showing that the most nutritious, energizing, and vibrant foods can be simple, affordable, and within everyone's reach. Through our endeavors, we aim to bridge the gap between the perception and reality of the raw vegan diet, proving that the richest flavors and health benefits of food are found in its most natural, unprocessed form. This is more than a dietary choice—it's a sustainable, inclusive way of life that honors the body, the environment, and the wallet.